Thank you for your interest in fundraising for HIST1H1E Foundation. Our work would not be possible without supporters like you who raise money and awareness for HIST1H1E each year.

There are many ways for you to fundraise and make a difference.


Below are some ideas to get you started. Do what you feel comfortable managing. Every little bit helps!


Who doesn't love Amazon? This is a really easy way to not proactively fundraise but passively raise money for the HIST1H1E Foundation. You are already shopping on Amazon you just need to link the HIST1H1E Foundation to your account and Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchases to our organization.

How to sign up for AmazonSmile

How to use AmazonSmile on a web browser:

  1. Visit

  2. Sign in with the same account you use for

  3. Select your Charity; Start shopping! Remember to checkout at to generate donations for your chosen charity.

Tip: Add a bookmark to make it easier to shop at

How to use AmazonSmile using the Amazon app on your mobile phone:

  1. Open the Amazon Shopping app

  2. Navigate to the main menu (≡)

  3. Tap on Settings and then select “AmazonSmile”

  4. Select your charity and then follow the on-screen instructions to turn ON AmazonSmile in the mobile app

  5. Once AmazonSmile has been activated in your app, future eligible app purchases will generate a donation for the charity you have selected.

Social Media & Online Fundraising

Facebook Fundraiser:

Truly the one of the simplest ways to support us! Donate on your birthday or start a fundraiser on Facebook.


  • Invite people from your friends’ list to join your fundraiser. This will send them a notification about your fundraiser and will ensure it doesn’t get lost in people’s newsfeeds.

  • Personalize your message. When you create a fundraiser, Facebook will automatically give you a stock message about our organization. You will have the ability to customize this and make it more personal to you and your child’s story. These fundraisers are becoming so common now on Facebook and personalizing it helps them stand out.

  • Post updates in your Fundraiser periodically. If you set a timeline of two weeks for your fundraiser, consider posting an update in your fundraiser every 2-3 days or as often as you’re comfortable. Every time you post, the fundraiser will appear fresh in the newsfeed again. The update can be about your fundraiser, or it can be an anecdote or story about your child, or different fact about HIST1H1E.

  • Thank your donors individually.

Direct Sales Parties

Do you know someone who sells Scentsy, Rodan + Fields, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One, Arbonne, etc.? There are many direct sales vendors who would be happy to host a party for you and donate a portion of the proceeds to HIST1H1E Foundation.

Events and Booths

Bake sale, lemonade stand, wine pull, envelope wall, restaurant night fundraiser, walk/run, gala, golf outing, battle of the bands, etc…there are many, many possibilities with plenty of resources online for further ideas.

If planning an event, here is a step-by-step plan to get you started:

  1. Form a planning committee. Depending on the size of your event, bringing together a group of enthusiastic and dedicated people who share an interest in raising money for a great cause will increase the probability of a successful event. This could just be you and a few friends.

  2. Brainstorm. Gather members of your planning committee, or just family and friends, to brainstorm ideas for your fundraiser. Give free rein to your imagination – several heads are better than one!

  3. Choose the “right” event. The type of event you choose should fit the size, interests, talents, goals, and time availability of everyone involved. Identify your audience. Consider who is most likely to attend and support the type of event you have selected.

  4. Develop a budget. Try to identify expenses and possible sources of funds, including securing in-kind products and services. This will help keep your costs down, which is something everyone will appreciate. Develop an event timeline. A timeline is important in planning for your event.

  5. Schedule the event. Select a time that is appropriate and convenient for those who will be attending. Be sure to check local community calendars for conflicting events.

  6. Let HIST1H1E Foundation know about your event. We can then publish your event on our website and help you promote the event on social media.

  7. Collect all funds. We ask that all funds be forwarded to the HIST1H1E Foundation within 30 days following the event. Address: HIST1H1E Foundation 87 Cross Highway Westport, CT 06880


Please note the following rules about promotion, publicity and financial information.

Promotion and Publicity:

  • All third-party events must be publicized and conducted in a manner that makes it clear that HIST1H1E Foundation is the beneficiary, not the sponsor or host of the event.

  • Promotional materials must clearly state that the event is raising funds that will benefit HIST1H1E Foundation (e.g., “proceeds benefit HIST1H1E Foundation”)

  • Event names may not incorporate the name of HIST1H1E Foundation, as in “The HIST1H1E Foundation Walk-a-thon.” HIST1H1E Foundation’s name may be used in a second clause identifying the relationship of the event with the Foundation, such as “Jane Doe Walk-a-thon, benefitting HIST1H1E Foundation.”

  • The HIST1H1E Foundation’s logo displayed on this website, and related websites is a trademark of HIST1H1E Foundation, is the property of HIST1H1E Foundation, and is protected. Its use is prohibited without the express written consent of HIST1H1E Foundation. As such, all event materials seeking to display HIST1H1E Foundation’s logo, including, but not limited to, advertising, press releases, posters, flyers, t-shirts, and public service announcements, must be reviewed and approved prior to distribution. For consideration, please submit a letter of intent which details how HIST1H1E Foundation’s Mark will be used, the length of time it will be used, and the description of the project to HIST1H1E Foundation to

Financial information:

HIST1H1E Foundation is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a tax-exempt charitable organization; this tax-exempt status is crucial for our ability to carry out our mission. In order to preserve this status, it is essential that you comply with the various IRS regulations regarding nonprofit fundraising activities. Below are some general guidelines:

  • Because HIST1H1E Foundation is not hosting your event, it is considered a third-party event. For this reason, you will not be able to use the Foundation’s IRS 501(c)(3) charitable classification, federal tax ID number or tax-exempt certificate. However, if you provide name and address, or email address, for donors or sponsors, HIST1H1E Foundation will send them a personal thank you from the Foundation, which will serve as a receipt.

  • The event organizer may not set up a temporary bank account in HIST1H1E Foundation’s name, as this is illegal.

  • The event organizer may not keep any portion of the proceeds (beyond real expenses) as profit or compensation.

  • Donors must be informed that the tax-deductible amount of a donation is only the amount that is over and above the value of any goods or services received in exchange for the donation. For example, if a participant pays $200 to participate in a golf outing, and the value of the outing is $50, the donation amount is $150. If a donor pays less than the value of an item, then they will not receive a tax deduction.

  • If goods are sold to raise money as part of a fundraising event, it must be made clear to the event participants what percentage of the sale price benefits HIST1H1E Foundation.


Thank you for supporting HIST1H1E Foundation’s work. Wishing you a successful fundraising event! For questions, please email

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